Korg Pandora Mini
Korg Pandora Mini
fanfouet66 12/11/2012

Korg Pandora Mini : fanfouet66's user review

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This is a small mutli-effects portable with a headphone jack and a USB port.
Effects are 100% digital, but realistic enough: you can spend an accoustic a big fuzz of a turn of the dial ...
In addition to the effects of 100 factory, we can program 200, either directly from the Korg mini, either from the USB interface to PC / Mac.
There is a built-in tuner and a drum machine.
As sorites there a headphone jack and an output for connecting an MP3 player.
All the details here https://www.thomann.de/fr/korg_pandora_mini_wh.htm


Like any multi-effects that respects the child's use but requires some customization neurons and the manual is clear enough to get by.
the first 200 presets are those that we can change. I highly recommend editing via PC / Mac because we have a overview of settings. I met a problem: it is always the same effect but I change the "copy / paste" has saved me! Personally I use a Mac.

The use and setup of the "rhythm" is very simple.


I use the Korg Mini is directly connected to my ROCKLINE LAG (model 1984) and a headset or via an Orange Crush 15R amp. In both cases the record is very good, I find the sound of my old Korg AX3000G.
Many settings of each effect can get the kind of sound you want. You can have almost all the sounds within your guitar!


It is a Swiss Army Knife for guitar: multi-effects + tuner + drum. Its only flaw: it does not offer alternate tuning.
I use it for 18 months, in addition to its qualities render effects, its small size is very significant and headphone jack for use "nomadic".

If you want to discover the multi-effects pedals, choose the model that you will not ruin you, having a simplified approach to these gas plants that are multi-effects.
It is ideal for use in apartments.

It's a choice I would definitely do it again.