Korg Pandora Mini
Korg Pandora Mini
brunod83 01/10/2013

Korg Pandora Mini : brunod83's user review

«  Good product but not reliable »

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It is a true "digital Swiss Army knife." Rendering effects and simulations is bleffant. Connectable via USB to a computer, it can be programmed, ie create your own sounds, but the software is far from intuitive when saving.
Also has an entrance to and a drum machine.
Practice by its size and power: either one AA battery or via USB.


Configuration and editing are fairly simple despite its size.
The manual is well written but the breakdown section and lacks a "memory err" which in this case your pandora mini from the trash.


Used with a Musicman Luke and Gibson Les Paul, the pandora mini has an excellent report on mixer and headphones but much less on spring tube amp where the digital side cold.


I bought it used because I did not know this product. I kept 2 months or 4 hours of use but it was loose. You should know, for information on Anglo-Saxon sites and confirmed by the technical service Korg black box, there is a lot of bad series product. This translates to a display memory err on the screen and there is nothing more to do. If you're lucky enough to have the invoice, it is guaranteed for 2 years, but if like me you're not that valuable evidence, you spent nothing because even if the distributors in France is aware of this problem, is no commercial gesture.
You should also know that this product is already stopped and for good reason!

Anyway good product not to buy used.