Korg Pandora Mini
Korg Pandora Mini
26jerome75 01/15/2013

Korg Pandora Mini : 26jerome75's user review

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There are a lot of distos which are stored in patches. As often happens in this type of device, the patches are stuffed with reverb, delay ... You should know lighten everything.
An interesting point is that the Pandora can be powered by USB port, it avoids using batteries, because it eats the pig. In comparison, I have a Zoom G3 much more powerful and versatile that takes hours on batteries.
Please note that the USB port is not used to register. This is not a sound card.


Well, you have to read the instructions because there are only a few buttons that manage several parameters. But once read this manual, it is simple to set up. It is a bit long to edit sounds because you have to stuff all the parameters one after the other. You can change the presets and save them, and quickly recall by four dedicated buttons. I do not use a headset with the beast. I have not tested in an amp, but in my opinion, it should not be terrible. Most people forget too quickly that the simulations pedals are made primarily to be plugged directly into a PC or a console. I've never tested with simulations in realistic sounding amp. Or, disable the speaker simulation, which is possible on the Pandora.


The sound ... Well, it all depends on the intended use. I just wanted to work with on vacation. For that, the Pandora is perfect. Especially since the integrated drum is varied and rhythms are used, not as the BAR Boss I had before with convoluted rhythms to perfection and too rich. We managed to find drinking sounds, but it's much faster and breath sounds are digital, not bad but it is far from the dynamics of the amp, even a transistor. As I said above, I also have a G3 pedal Zomm, which costs not even double. Unrelated in terms of sound, with the G3 was the feeling of playing a real amp is very dynamic and the G3 is a real audio interface it. And it also has drum beats that sound better (ie PCM, not MIDI).


Most of the time, I use the Pandora as rhythm. For this purpose, even if the sounds are of the afternoon with a bit of reverb, the Pandora is perfect. But for about 100 €, emulations are no longer up to date. Competition is better in terms of versatility and realism. Frankly, if the size is not a decisive criterion, it is better to put a little more money and buy something else (eg G3 :) ) on the other hand, used for fifty euros, well worth stroke, be it for the BAR.