Korg Pandora Mini
Korg Pandora Mini
juju83_1 01/16/2013

Korg Pandora Mini : juju83_1's user review

«  Perfect for playing in the garden? »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The world of effects in a small box? yes it is possible ...
Everything is available in this case. Since the flanger overdrive until through the reverb and chorus ... Moreover, it allows to simulate HP Amp and simple manner.

Everything is editable directly on the case, but we can not say that it is very ergonomic. Normal when one is accustomed to sophisticated GUIs today. Nevertheless, a PC interface and Mac is available for download on the manufacturer's website and it is against many ergonomic without touching the current latest standards. In short, it is an interface austere but free ...

The sound is modeled by a processor (rems I think) 100% digital technology ...

The connector is the standard jack 1/4 "mono headphone jack and auxiliary audio standard.


Regarding the issue is quite simple but you have already mastered all the effects and the different characteristics of amplifier and speakers modeled to achieve the results we seek.

The manual is clear and sufficient to get by without being guitar tech.


The effects are effective with headphones, everything was on hand to switch to another style two button presses. line output allows you to save or spend on a power amp and at that time you must disable the amp models! (In two clicks ...)
The sound still remain quite cold and synthetic compared to "true sound". Some feedback and whistling as microphones and cables used.
I've used two guitar ibanez stratabound and samick ... no worries.


it's been almost one year since I have this little magic box. I have not tried any other cons for different brand models (line 6 pod etc ...).

The strong point is that you can play with headphones (no noise) and no electricity ... (In the forest or in the garden?) With a box as big as a player K7 (not even ...)!

In short, a good value for this magic box that can save your neighbors' ears (a fault of yours ...).

I will return the same if I had need again.