Korg Pandora Mini
Korg Pandora Mini

Korg Pandora Mini : Anonymous 's user review

«  C'mon .. »

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characteristics of the previous opinions ...


good few submenus to find editions, the wheel is practical manual on the net without doubt, I do not know, not read ...
1 battery which must be 5 or 7 hours of use with the volume just covering the strings ... not bad.


Do not expect a crazy thing, but we can bosser maquetter and carefree; ... used with bass and guitars, we do what we want with this stuff, from the moment we know that it will not sound like a rack quaffed to 30,000 euros ... it would be rather silly to believe it ...


used deuis 1 and wheelbarrows, he fell a shitload of times, I lug around in the cover of the stilted, + + + for entry to, which allows bosser his cushy gigs on a recording repet, or better to stick another cascade with his beloved bassist plugger parts batteries recorded by repeating on the phone, an adapter 2 headphones on the end pandora chain and GAS ...

such ---- Pandora1 ------ pandora2 ----- 2casques

I will buy another one for the guys who go by history to play in an apartment like being outdoors ..

I would say it is crap when he falls down, for now, this is not the case ...