Korg Pandora Mini
Korg Pandora Mini
rogercag 08/12/2011

Korg Pandora Mini : rogercag's user review


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All full of effects (see manufacturer site) + specs


Very easy to use, the drum machine is activated by clicking on the rhythm (just turn the knob to change a single other support to change the parameters of the rhythm (tempo and c)

editions effects ditto a button to the effects, one for the tuner and a knob of buttons + presets


Cool effects, which take account of the guitar, I play with most often on a traveler guitar but my Gibson les paul does not sound the same (which means adequate rendering), the clean sound are rather faithful to the pickups.
Tearing effects, and funny effects (very original) for the price of less than 100 euros


Very happy with this small animal, allows a multitude of things, model, range boss during MIDI break holidays and other ..

we even used the beat box during a jam without a drummer! (I add that the drum machine is not overly complicated, it doesn't take two hours to make a basic rhythm). What's more there is a built-in tuner practice.

I compared it to a pocket pod and it does well ! (Since there is the drum machine and more and it is smaller, uses only a battery and a greater impact than a pocket pod ...

Cons: Battery life not huge (a few hours with a 1.5v battery) and the wheel might reveal itself a little smallish over time. some effects sound a little digital ..

Very happy with this purchase!