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Korg Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Korg PX5D

    Korg PX5D - " first contact: heuu mouaii ...!"


    well here's a nice little box, combining multi-effects (all numrique course) drum machine, tuner, sampler ... dowry "in-out", "sw football" and "in the" to record any audio source. USB connection. UTILIZATION the manual looks clear and without …

  • Korg Ax3g

    Korg Ax3g - Amarokk's review


    Everything has been said. For my part, I use that power by power supply, but the solution stack can be very interesting in concert situations. UTILIZATION Manuel: It is not translated at best, but it includes all the same. It is indispensable if …

  • Korg Ax10g

    Korg Ax10g - diresixsens's review


    Already say more bas.On not going to do it again USE THE general configuration is very very simple.On branch and plays. The manual is clear, all functions are properly described. Publishing of sound is very simple.Pas brainer with réglage…

  • Korg Ax10g

    Korg Ax10g - gibson91's review


    EDIT: Since I sold are ... Basically, there are a lot of stuff, a lot of effects, modeling ... a wha, a compressor, and an acoustic guitar simulator. To add to that, a pretty average equalization ... UTILIZATION Well, it's not too hard, when w…

  • Korg PX4D

    Korg PX4D - Mera77's review


    To see the reviews CHARACTERISTICS previous ones ... UTILIZATION So we have to do a very complete multi effect above that price about 150 euro nine ... However, the use is very clear, but so huge for a novice like me I admit they can not say th…

  • Korg Ax100g

    Korg Ax100g - pomared's review


    100 preset programs, 100 user programs headphone / line out Stereo / Mono UTILIZATION Utiliser.une very easy time choosing a parameter and its rglages, the edition is done by pressing twice write Manual is quite indispensable to go after oppo…

  • Korg Ax3000g

    Korg Ax3000g - palmo's review


    See on the net. I would put 8/10 because it is very complete, BUT ... We regret SECOND an expression pedal (I know must not dreaming ... Long live ToneLab) USB connectivity but also a button on / off (the is really making fun of the mouth of th…

  • Korg Ax3000g

    Korg Ax3000g - gloto13's review


    Distos, modliss amps, cabinets DIFFERENT affecting the sound, reverb, delays with ping-pong! chorus, flanger, wha-wha, compressor, gate-noise, single or dual microphones bobinage.Choix of direct connection to a mixer or amp with 4 diffrentes.1 EQ for…

  • Korg Ax3000g

    Korg Ax3000g - Laulo's review


    Pdalier multi-effects: 72 amp simulations and effects classic bass sounds on the Korg REMS technology Owner ' ESS for a new feature and automatic CONTRL ACCS direct effect of certain paramtres in real time. Up to 11 effects used simultanment …

  • Korg AX5G

    Korg AX5G - Xoblos-vince's review


    A maximum effect, creating the effect jai create style Sum 41, Escape The Fate, (rock, punk, emo ,............) a little hard to manage, against the record by asser not complete I think ........ diffi find the sound to start but it is great! UT…