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metal 10/22/2004

Roland GP-8 : metal's user review


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I just noticed that 3 people were waiting for an opinion, but I do not think qqun was still interested in this ancient ...

The G-P8 is a multi-purpose 19 "rack.

It allows to chain the following effects, in the order given:

1. Proactive and filter (type "envelope", creates a lightweight auto wah)
2. Compressor
3. Overdrive
4. Distortion
5. Phaser
6. 3-band EQ
7. Digital delay
8. Chorus Digital

There are quite effective, but I would note the lack of reverb, that would be really welcome!

Level connections:

- 2 inputs (one front, one on back)
- Main output (stereo) format Jack
- Line Out (stereo) format Jack (different impedance)
- Send / Return to loop effects
- 2 mono outputs for controlling other devices (changing channels on an amp for example).
- MIDI In, Out and Through
- Entry for the floor controller Roland FC-100

It is possible to connect the GP-8 between the guitar and the amp or the effects loop of an amp (which I do myself).

Level memory, it has two groups (A / B), each of which contains 8 banks of 8 presets.
2 * 8 * 8 = 128 presets in total.


The configuration of presets is fairly simple, with the knob on the front.

We choose a preset, you activate the desired effect, then looks at each parameter of each effect. The parameters are conventional, except for the dynamic filter is not easy to master, but not very helpful either.

To order the GP-8, it is obviously a foot controller. Evening a Roland FC-100 that plugs into the specific entry Roland or any controller noon. With a program change, we choose the preset you want. It can also control the overall volume as well as the parameters of an effect with one or two expression pedals through Change Control.

Regarding the manual, well it must already have it. Roland is always 0 in customer service, ask me, I have the manual in PDF format. It is clear is sufficiently complete to understand how the device is used.


The sound quality of GP-8 is not the best ... But we are dealing with a device of 1989! So should not ask either. I had bought for OCCAZ for next to nothing, because I needed an effects controllable by MIDI. And for the price that I paid, it was worth it.

I use it in the effects loop of my ENGL Powerball. I play with an ESP LTD F-200.

To give a little originality in my songs, it's fine (I use the chorus, delay, phaser, a little equalizer). For distortion sounds, I use my amp gain, of course. Distortion and overdrive effects of GP-8 are really ugly, do not use it a massacre. The dynamic filter is nice too, it allows for a slight wah. By controlling the Q or frequency cut with an expression pedal, you can have a pedal wahwah poor quality, but it's cool to get started.

If you want good quality effects, go your way. When I have money and the need for good effects, I'll invest in something more robust qq (tc electronic or Rocktron).


I use it for a year now.

The nice side is the price. I do not really see why all the old stuff to buy (except maybe to play the "vintage"). Buy only if you can pay you nothing else!

Finally when I have the means to make new effects, I will put my GP-8 in a display case!