TC Electronic G-Major 2
TC Electronic G-Major 2

G-Major 2, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from TC Electronic in the G-Major series.

ejendres 11/07/2011

TC Electronic G-Major 2 : ejendres's user review

« Great unit »

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The G Major II includes these effects: Univibe, Tri-Chorus, Through-Zero Flanger, Retuned TC Electronic reverbs (Spring, Hall, Room), New filter/wah block ported 1:1 from G-System, Reverse Delay, Intelligent pitch shifting, Modulated delays, Noise Gate, 3-band parametric EQ, Compressor, Vibrato, Resonance Filter, Phaser (Vintage and Smooth), Tremolo, Panner, Delay/PingPong/Dynamic Delay/Dual Delay, and Whammy. Essentially every effect a guitarist could ever need.

It includes 100 factory presets as well as a user bank were you can save your own presets (up too 100). These presets can be programmed manually using the front panel of the G major, or with PC/Mac editing software.

It can be midi controlled, and it has relay switching so you can control preamps that aren't midi programmable.

This unit has two balanced analog inputs and outputs.

This unit is rack mountable.


Setting up your own patches is pretty straight forward so I never used the PC editor.

Anything you need to know about the setup can be found in the manual, its really helpful.


This unit is specifically designed for guitarists. Seriously, the effects sound amazing. They're crystal clear and pristine. I've yet to hear better effects outside of a studio. This is an amazing unit.

The bypass didn't color my tone at all.

I honestly can't find anything to complain about the sounds. If anything it sounds too good, meaning it can't really nail a lowfi delay type tone. But thats not what it was designed for. It was designed to deliver studio quality effect through the effects loop of a guitar amp, and it does just that.


The only reason I sold this is because I had trouble programming the midi controller I bought. I didn't have the correct hardware, and live this unit is borderline useless without a controller. If it hadn't been for that I'd still own the unit. I plan to buy another in the future.

If I had to complain about on thing I'd have to say its the price point. At nearly $600 new its pretty steep. However, if you buy used its much more reasonable.