Zoom 3000
Zoom 3000

3000, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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azertyvince 12/11/2006

Zoom 3000 : azertyvince's user review


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This pedal features 35 effects + amp simulators (digital)
40 preset patches: not really convincing (is just a sound that I find really good)
40 patches to configure itself (it is more than enough for me)


The general configuration is simple, not complicated in use.
This pedal offers lots of possibilities.
What I like: For example, the clear sound can be played in conjunction with sound distortion: classic but nice)
Editing sounds is relatively easy.
The French manual is clear, no worries.


Quality effects

The sound is net output (it does not bleed), but the sound of the pedal literally kills the sound of the amp. I have a Marshall velvestate 8080 with his hot and greasy (if it plugs directly above). If you connect the Z-3000, the warm farewell and fat. The sound is flat and linear. I find it disappointing.

The 7 distos are averages for my taste (adjustable volume, tone, gain), we can not create what we want.

However, the acoustic simulation is not bad, it really feels to play on an acoustic. Deplus it is possible to bring out the sound of the drum and / or rope is not bad. As against this effect generates a small noise a bit tedious at times. This background noise increases during the so pushes the parameters of that sound.

The sound called "HPS" is unmanageable, a sort of pitch that is useless.


I use it for 4-5 years.
I also tried a zoom 503 (the sound is much lower than the Z3000, it's disgusting drooling) and Boss ME6.

The pros: - The acoustic sound.
- Sound talking box (mimics the sound of the voice),
use only in automatic.
- The number of effects and posqibilités layout.
- The sound does not bleed on the whole, it is quite clear.
- We like being able to push the parameters.
- We appreciate the accuracy of the delay (one millisecond).
This allows for a variety of reverbs.
- The function RTM (control parameters in real time via the
expression pedal (classical, but)

The -: - The sound is flat and the characteristics of its food from
the amp (for cons if we listen with good headphones, it makes
more immediately, the sound becomes more amplitude).
- The distos are not very convincing, because, among
Another of the flatness of the sound. The distortion has a very sound
- The amp simulators are dismal.

Value for money: 40 Euros a priori of OCAS (it's really given)
There are about 5 years I had paid
the equivalent of 300 Euros, without the pedal
of expression: it was more expensive (price / quality)