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moosers 12/21/2009

Zoom 3030 : moosers's user review


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The Zoom 3030 is a multi-effects processor that I have used for both electric guitar and bass guitar, although it is designed for electric guitar.  The pedal is digitally based and has all sorts of effects ranging from EQ to distortion to delay.  It has standard 1/4 inch connections and I have powered it with a Zoom power supply, which I think it 9 volts but I'm not entirely sure.  The pedal has five buttons to recall presets and user saved effects and isn't rackable as it is a pedal.


Using the Zoom 3030 can actually be a little tricky at times, but the basic features are easy to access.  The only confusing part of the 3030 comes when I am navigating through the different windows as I find that it can be easy to get lost.  This being said, it is easy enough to get your basic effects and to manipulate and save them in your own way, which is the main thing that I wanted to do with this pedal.  I've never seen a manual for this pedal but would recommend taking a look at it if you have it.


While the Zoom 3030 is primarily seen as a multi-effects unit for guitar, I have used this primarily with bass.  There are certain effects on the Zoom 3030 that I like better than others, but for the most part the sounds are surprisingly pretty decent.  I definitely like the modulation and delay effects the best, but the EQ, compression, and reverbs are also useful.  I'm not a fan of the distortion tones on this at all and would recommend staying away from them.  You've got all sorts of modulation effects, most of which are good sounding and I find useful.  While I wouldn't say that the sound quality of this pedal is good enough to record with, for live shows or for getting your feet wet with effects, the Zoom 3030 will get the job done.


All in all, I have to say that I was surprised to find that the Zoom 3030 has some useful features.  It is great to be able to make my own sounds and recall them with a push of the button.  I'd recommend this pedal for those looking for a cheap used multi-effects pedal for either guitar or bass guitar for use during shows or practicing.  If you are looking for effects to record with however, I would look elsewhere as I don't think that the Zoom 3030 sounds realistic enough to put onto tape...