Zoom 505II Guitar
Zoom 505II Guitar

505II Guitar, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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Deadmicky 12/20/2004

Zoom 505II Guitar : Deadmicky's user review


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Audience: Beginners
33 effects which can be used at the same time 9
36 programs
12 types of distortion
4 types of amp models
28 hours of battery operation
chromatic tuner
Integrbr programmable noise gate /> Wha-Wha integr


Manual clear and precise
Very simple use of the pedals and quick start


Good choice and very good sound as bad is good for 70% of 30% or so of useless ugly.


For use on small scene, but not big concert or studio. With the addition of an optional expression pedal ZOOM FP01/FP02, gain, wah, and the foot pedal, this pedal makes sense. A good range of pedalier for beginners, cheap and very utilile.