Zoom 8080
Zoom 8080

8080, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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Vojna Poema 03/06/2005

Zoom 8080 : Vojna Poema's user review


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For specifications, see the previous opinion. I would add that the machine already has a lépoque a control output for external amplifier channels, configurable patch and Quon is based on using a mono or stereo cable, so boss or other nont invent anything. In addition, it has a 3rd controller: two switches up / down, same-configurable patch.

No midi in.
A loop send / return.
Amp simulator.


Manuel very clear. Machine easy to use. Configuration of the machine very quickly assimilated.


Personally, I do not find the effects worse than Boss or Korg. And not out of fo, the distos are better than GT5 or the GX700, and it has some special effects present in other brands.

4-second delay, pitch shifter from -2 to 2 octaves, pitch delay up to 1 second (the transposed down with The interval chosen each time according to the tempo chosen).

simulator acoustic guitars. Frankly in full effect.

Patch is assigned by the effects lon want for the 3 controllers.

Is assigned the function chosen for the switch "manual" or ON / OFF the effects (a we choose from the list deffets), tuner, etc ...


I bought a lai its release, then resold ago qqs years, but saw the machines had jai, the comparison was well qualitprix the road, its design plastic that made me a little scared.
jai models had other brands before and after, but + expensive, so comparison not necessarily welcome.

Personally, I prefer GT5 (not for the quality effects !!!), but for the design and metal limplementation noon.

Anyway, good machine, and better than the boss GT6!