Zoom G2
Zoom G2

G2, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G2 series.

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iamqman 02/14/2012

Zoom G2 : iamqman's user review

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To much of my surprise I have found that this little unit does all that I need and so much more. This is a pint size all in one effects pedal that can give you a plethora of available modulation and effects sounds. You get an assortment of amps sounds as well as a great sounding bank of effects to go along with those amps tones. This pedal does so much that it is hard to believe that it has only a price tag of $9. That is a lot of features and sounds for a pedal that is basically the price of a single effect Boss pedal of some sort.


Zoom G2 Features:

96kHz sampling

24-bit A/D/A conversion

32-bit processing

20Hz - 40kHz flat responce

120dB SNR

16 amp/stomp modeling

9 effect modules

54 effect types

40 user patch + 40 factory patch

6-band EQ


This pedal is a very inexpessive pedal that can do a load of operation with a price point that is very hard to beat. I think of this little pedal as a budget friendly Line 6 POD pedal. This little unit does so much but that price is so low that it is hard to pass up. Especially during these tough economic times there needs to be something out there that deleivers the tone and sounds for a low price. This pedal has so many options and suprisingly sound pretty decent for what it is doing.


You can pick this pedal up for right at around $99 which is a heck of a price if you ask me. You can't get a lot lot these days for $99 and t get something like this with all the options it has for this price is astonishing. I would recommend this to anyone who needs an all in one pedal for effects and sounds for under $100. This is a fun pedal for someone who is on a very tight budget and needs an all in one pedal. This is not a pedal for the forum gear geeks who plays in their basements and have more expensive gear than most professionals.