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Jeffouille 10/15/2011

Zoom G3 : Jeffouille's user review

«  Not bad! »

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13 amps, 94 effects, is enough to make a looper + of 40s. 9V power supply. Output jack (L / R), headphone (stereo) and XLR (mono). No connection noon but I've never needed.


Ultra extremely simple and intuitive. Everything is quickly setting in real time on three "slots" effect each decked out in 3 rotating knobs for editing. I have not even need to leave the record. Even the looper is very easy to access and use. A must in the genre, much MUCH less complicated than my pod xt and a priori that the POD HD 300 ...


The effects are pretty good and I prefer my POD XT. Deadlines are really good, but not defined "digital" and varied. The choruses are warm and pleasant. I also love the tremolo. The reverbs are not bad. There's even an intelligent harmonizer!
The amp simus enough surprises me, I have not been able to try a POD HD to compare but in any case, the clean and crunch sound much better than my POD XT (more dynamic compression) . The device maintains in any case very well the character of the guitar, I was not with the POD XT gives the impression of "eating" part of her that "anything goes".
On large Satus, I'm a little more reserved, must try to benefit and other systems. My Les Paul sounds in all cases of thunder on the DZ DRIVE (simulation of Diezel Herbert).
Small "catch" the big Satus: have to put a gate or noise reduction, and thus forced to take a free slot for it ... but I generally use the effects for clean sounds so it does not bother me more than that.


Not bad at all this new toy! I bought it originally for my electroacoustic but I use both in power for which the effects and simus are really not bad.
On acoustics, the big advantage for me and what motivated the purchase is the possibility of "string" two equalizers (para and graphics) and add a little reverb at the chain end.
I like the shot for everything! The 40-second looper is great! It is located downstream effects which allows to launch such a clear sound loop and adding a solo over saturated. For cons, the looper is mono and a nice guitar line with a small stereo chorus or delay the apparent mono looper, damage ...
But good for € 179, which I originally wanted just something for my sound, I find it quite cute, thanks to an intuitive interface and quality effects.