Zoom 707II Guitar
Zoom 707II Guitar

707II Guitar, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the GFX series.

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Khamh 02/07/2005

Zoom 707II Guitar : Khamh's user review


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Audience: Beginners
60 different effects, more or less, + 60 (the same) editable
Interesting possibilities


The configuration is fairly simple, accessible to everyone!
Editing is cool too, we can do stuff if you know hack
The manual, it seems that lack of things .. But it TFW pedal!


So there ... The sound is frankly hard to bear at times! If some are downright cool effects (especially clear) the distos are hardcore! It spits, blows it, and even covering the strings it blows more .. A recording on the pc, it was a result infamous, heavy (in the negative term) of a barely audible distortion ..

And especially not to mount the volume pedal: It's even worse!


I use it for 1year 1 / 2, and eyeGO change soon for real pedals (I think a Boss MT-2, a Digiteck Whammy, Wah and dunlop!)

What is nice is the pedal, although it is hard to put out, it very nice, even if the sounds (wah..) Are far from real sounds .. However, I started with and I am frankly had advised, and I reconseillerais. For a beginner it is excellent, there a variety of sounds, effects .. who are interested, you can edit, etc. .. It's a good pedal for beginners with no group, which plays at home, without pushing the volume, without registering! xD

After me now, multi effects me a little drunk, even the boss .. A quality / reasonable price (120 € plus 20 € for the adapter, I got free! -) However, I would buy the more you leave reserved for beginners! ^ ^