Zoom 707II Guitar
Zoom 707II Guitar

707II Guitar, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the GFX series.

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Nubilalis 11/22/2004

Zoom 707II Guitar : Nubilalis's user review


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Does everything said and I put a personal 8. You can also rgler the sensitivity of the expression pedals, the assign any effect pedals.

The sum of all summary bote pace is always nice to work tranquillou home even if half of the patches are too typs to work normally (a big "hoo" ls patches for funk)

And plastic it means, but for the price ...


The config is simple, although it should read the manual for this little device brings a lot of things
The edition of the sounds is simple once you understand the principle
The manual is clear trs, no worries


The clean sounds sound good, too distos clearly synthetic, and the rest, must be determined and know what to assign to what, if does not ring has a cashew.

And no need to turn the knobs back of the distortion for better rsultats. This is a clear need to be patient (I use a Variax)

I've always said that work done for c'tais low volume at home and Basta. WRONG!

I used a config pro (in a loop effect "a pramp lamps) and reverbs + delays are correct. Amazing, no?

And one day, I do not know why I live in my essay Poweramp classic 50, and since I sold my pramp: the grain of synthetic distos fade, and what fate: a killer, I tell you! The sounds are clear, it must be reconnatre, a little worse. Amazing, no?

It's a shame that I have nothing to register, I think that has put more of an ass. Personal I wondered if God had not changed the component during the night!

then I put what? Well, for the price, I glue a 7.5.


Well, it's still pretty even, and say that I almost fuck up!

it's just that his drinking for a bin must fall on good config

Go for an 8