Zoom 707II Guitar
Zoom 707II Guitar

707II Guitar, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the GFX series.

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abruti2004 09/08/2004

Zoom 707II Guitar : abruti2004's user review


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So I began by saying that I do not agree with other opinions:
regarding the effects I find the reverbs and delays trs clean and hot (who experienced the MIDIVERB 3), fairly Russias modulations, filters ingnieux (wha-wha and self) and crdibles and allows the pitch such a convincing whammy effect.
Against by not stro ...
The bote pace as always but practice is despicable and the sampler, I do not use it but works well


Edit = breeze, no need to read the manual, but just to hack for a while


The effects are good overall trs. Ct of this is cool.
The noise gate is powerful and I find trs can refine his game a little food without it sound unlike many multi effects ...
The simulations give good IDE Grain diffrent brands (fender, mesa, marshall), but in no case shall transcribe the "body" of the sound (bass, depth, prsence) or allow the m my accents and nuances ...
As for the blast, no one knows if the gain assay. Obviously if one accumulates compressor and overdrive distortion .... a breath I think I'll put online registration to prove that the zoom works well because a trs get drunk to see him do so disassemble I get good with rsultats.
Although the presets are rotten sr. So is hacking.


For that price, nothing wrong, it's not big but its adpanne well in a sound, at least this price what more? !
For a first multi play and learn, but what is ... gnial multi effect gives the feel of an amp? ... The price!
Also on scne sound works well in the mix for playing in an orchestra or jazz (or at least for the hard rock, a lack of body). For sensations, zoom, easy to play. And work of shred solos mtal and the house is top