Zoom MultiStomp MS-50G
Zoom MultiStomp MS-50G

MultiStomp MS-50G, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the MS series.

gvpower 05/04/2014

Zoom MultiStomp MS-50G : gvpower's user review

«  Pédal a full board in a standard size pedal! »

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Here we have a whole pannel effects at our disposal,
each with specific and very audible settings.
you can download a higher version that improves the amount of effects.
the digital processor is powerful enough and must shield effects to arrive at the end.
there are 2 outputs jacks, a guitar input jack, but no headphone output ...


So to summarize, you should still read the manual which is made elsewhere,
but once you grasp interface, it rolls alone!
there are 3 knobs control that are clickable, and 4 buttons around the main switch,
to navigate through the menus and sounds pédal board.
it is so easy to add a pedal and change, on the other hand you need to think
recording its config, otherwise it is lost in the next relighting ...
Moreover, in this connection I highly recommend that you disable the "auto-save" function
which is very painful when you try several sounds, it annoys soon! ! !

Live conditions, it is well known, and if necessary, bend down to change the patch.
if there is a method provided for this purpose, and each press of the switch, it changes as its
had programmed Paravant, and arrived at last, it loops back to the first.
(Not put 150 patches, because if you want to quickly return to number 2 ...)


I found the sound quality improvement reports by multi generational effects
I also put a plus for the noise gate, which is really effective and really limit the breath.
before in my live for 2 or 3 songs set, I had an acoustic guitar, and now with this pedal, the sound emulated is really realistic and suits me perfectly.

The Distos are generally not great, the Overdrivres are best done for my taste.
Concernants the Phaser / Chorus / Flanger, eaten, it's great!
The amp sims are great, I love it.
Reverbs / Delays really worked summers and it means, extra!
Other effects of all kinds, are nice but I did not used too.

The presets are for me, really nazes and not useful, it goes in all directions, there's no categories, everything is mixed, in short, no interest.


I use it for 4 months in my config "Guitar pedal-amp" + my pedal control amp.
and I must say that when I turn the distortion on my amp, it quickly becomes quite messy.
This is really handy for those like me who do not want any pedals because I
already that of control amp is 60cm wide ...
In addition you can integrate a true pedal-board!
I love his versatility, sound quality, ease of handling.
I do not like the presets, no headphone jack.
and YES I remake this choice! ! !