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Thread Hopefull advice on a potential project

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1 Hopefull advice on a potential project
My name is Scott Clement and I live in Crystal Springs Missississippi gome of Robert and Tommy Johnson and was hoping someone could help me. I have recently, after exhaustive thought and research decided that I would like to attempt to manufacture a line of short scale or mini electric gutars which have become so popular these days. I recently witnessed a father and his son looking through the ESPGrassroots mini electric Les Pauls to buy one for the kid to learn on. I was stunned at how little thought was given to the price but more towards the quality of the guitar. They are admittedly beautiful and apparently well made instruments which come from china and retail from 600 to a $1000. It occurred to me that I never see these anywhere but online and I wondered if I could find a foreign company to build the bodies or even assemble the entire instrument, I believe that I ould market them successfully based on parents these days believing the more they spent the better their kid will be. I was wondering if anyone knew of a manufacturer I may could approach who could give me a price by volumn should I buy large quantitiesof bodies and hardware and assemble and market them here. Any advice would be appreciated. (edit moderator: it's forbidden to share your real name and informations on the forum) /thanks
I would also be interested in anyone who may be interested in pursuing this idea with me. thank you for your time