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Thread Which FEATURES should modern guitars integrate as STANDARD FEATURES.

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1 Which FEATURES should modern guitars integrate as STANDARD FEATURES.

There are devices that have been developed rather recently that all modern guitars should integrate as "STANDARD FEATURES".
These features are rather cheap compared to the costs to build a guitar, and have improved the playing of thousands of musicians.
It is now the time to integrate them as standards in the making of modern guitars.

Graphite nuts (graphite or any other self lubricant material) :
1st : they increase the length of the life of the guitar strings
2nd : the nuts that allow the strings to slide forwards and backwards (like "roller-nuts" or "graphite-nuts) help to keep the instrument in tune, specially when the guitar is equipped with a tremolo

Compensated nuts :
Compensated nuts will really improve the intonation of the guitar.
They allow to play chords without being out of tune 1/2 of the time (which is the case for absolutely ALL the guitars which don't use this device, electric, acoustic ... and so on), AT LAST !!!

Locking Tuners :
If you don't use a "locking nut" (such as with most guitars equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo), the locking tuners will lock the strings on the tuners posts which allows several things :
1st : the strings don't slip from their "locked position" anymore which helps staying in tune.
2nd : it is not necessary to make several turns around the tuners posts anymore, 1/2 of one turn is more than enough to be able to tune the instrument (I, personally, make 3/4 of one turn around the tuners posts) .

This helps staying in tune, because the strings don't move around the tuners posts anymore. Locking tuners become really useful when the guitar is equipped with a tremolo.

Strap-Locks :
Well, these things are considered USELESS until the day your guitar falls from your shoulders while playing (I bought my 1st Strap-Locks after breaking the headstock of my Stratocaster ... ALL my guitars have Strap-Locks since !!!).

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