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Thread [Getting started] Choose the right pots for your electric guitar

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1 [Getting started] Choose the right pots for your electric guitar
Choose the right pots for your electric guitar
Most guitarists don't think too much about the pots (potentiometers) inside their guitars, unless they start going bad and making noise. But did you know there are different types of pots with different characteristics? So if you need to replace a pot because it's become noisy, or you just don't like the way it responds, here's some info to help you choose the type that's best for you.

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A bit of advice from the "field:" on a volume pot, a lower value - 250k for starters - will cut the treble ever so slightly. A 500k pot will let more highs through. Thus most people prefer 250k for single coil and 500k for humbuckers.

Thanks for that info!
In the graph used to show the difference between linear and logarithmic (sometimes called "audio taper") pots, assuming the values of the X and Y axis are both linear - then the linear pot line should be straight, and the logarithmic pot line should be a simple bow curve bending towards the bottom right hand side.

If the graph is supposed to account for the Fletcher-Munson curve (now more commonly referred to as simply the "equal loudness curve" due to further study that has been carried out in that field since the original publication by Fletcher and Munson of their work) then those shaped curves may be accurate, but as I read this otherwise-informative piece, the representation of the two different curves is wrong and ought to be amended.

I found a wealth of further information regarding potentiometers at the following URL - http://sound.westhost.com/pots.htm
Thanks for your reply. I passed your comment on to the story's author and await his answer.
You are right mojo filters: the linear pot line should be straight with an infinitesimal curve on the edges, the one I drew is actually too curved (due to my poor drawing skills). Fortunately, it doesn't change the comprehension between the two possibilities for the beginners, but I’m taking care of it.