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Thread learning the guitar neck

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1 learning the guitar neck
Hi guys,

In my younger years I was a self-taught guitarist and loved it. I had decent improvisational skills, but I never learned proper theory or technique, or even the guitar neck in general.

I'm getting back into guitar playing and wondering if any of you have trusted resources for learning the fretboard and theory and different scales. Basically ways to polish my raw talent. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
I don't have a recommendation for an online source, but I'm sure someone else in the audience can make a suggestion for that. My recommendation, if it's doable for you, is to find a good guitar teacher and take actual lessons. Learning from the Internet pales in comparison to the studying with a good teacher, who can analyze and critique, keep you from getting into bad habits, and design a lesson plan that fits what you want to learn. Especially since you were originally self taught, this would be a particularly helpful approach. Best of luck!
I have subscribe to JAMPLAY. It's reasonably priced. Has over 60 instructors in every genre of music. They do offer a free trial which I would suggest taking advantage of. During the trial, the entire site is open to you for review. Of the online instructions sites, I have found this one to be of the highest quality. Hope this helps.
I have found this one to be of the highest quality.

Thanks for the recommendation!