Hohner Clavinet C
Hohner Clavinet C
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theaudioandvideoguy 04/26/2012

Hohner Clavinet C : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« very good sound »

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The Hohner Clavinet C is a electric keyboard. The keyboard itself has a nice weight and feel too it. Not too heavy. The design is very vintage and can come in the version pictured above or they also make a version that looks like the whole thing is wood. There have been several models of this produced over time like the D6 and the E7. When you push down a key there is a mechanism on the inside that hammers down on the string. Basically similar to like an upright piano. Its sort of like a guitar string with a hammer coming down on it, and that’s where you get your sound from. it’s a very nice sound that you can get from it. Its authentic and not like most o the other electric keyboards that have been produced of the last 25 years or so. You will love the sound you will get out of the Hohner Clavinet. The Honer Clavinet C seems like it was designed for used at home and not to be moved too many times. Even though its really not that heavy because I have picked it up several times and was surprised by the weight of it.

Overtime, you will probably need to have the hammer tips replaced. You can actually still purchase these online even though this keyboard is pretty old. Many people also restore the Clavinets now adays so that people can have them “brand new” again. Because it would be very hard to find one of these in great shape. Unless someone already worked on it and restored it and if you do find one that is in good shape already it will cost you a lot of money because you will probably have to get it from a collector. But overall, if you do get your hands on the Hohner Clavinet C you will love it. It is one of the best Clavinets produced and Hohner has been doing it for a long time.