Rhodes Mark I Stage 73
Rhodes Mark I Stage 73

Mark I Stage 73, Electric Piano from Rhodes.

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mac-man 07/11/2005

Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 : mac-man's user review


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I use this piano for about a year. The Rhodes is my guitar player who had put him in the attic for some time (!) Has emerged and once one has started work in his local. Overall, the status of legends is far from being usurped. The sound is crystalline in the high, giving an impression of fragility and dlicatesse incredible when played quietly, but can also rvler trs slamming and dynamic when we play more aggressive . In the midrange, its once again superb, much warmer and round. An happiness for quite jazzy arrangements even if we can have a game more rock n roll was in "walls", reinforced by the bass. Let's talk about bass, again trs types. It can rvler trs trs aggressive, with a natural saturation. Add a Big Muff and it's madness. To play funk bass lines type, not bad either.
In sound, even if you reconnat immediately (rather orient jazz / psych rock), so it's a no-fault, so we can be in the DLIR. Superb all levels. Personally, I play on a guitar amp (Hiwatt amp + speaker) which allows me to have a really standard. The only default that I would find this piano is the keyboard plutt hard, worse than a normal piano. The pedals are also sometimes sustain teachers: the Systm rsons indeed made all the piano which gives espces cluster parasites. These two are sometimes lments Gnant shall decide when the speeder a bit.
At the price, I did not pay so I can not comment. Nanmoins, I'd buy it if prs me I could not use one of my guitar. Being given the quality of sound and the place that takes the instrument in a set, I think 1300-1400 is all acceptable. To convince you, look at the price of a good Gibson (the guitar equivalent in my opinion) ...
I wonder if I bought one against Rhodes, Wurlitzer also trs as interesting ... Both have their personality and can be for what I play (even when the rock), a Wurlitzer would suit me better, even if the Rhodes wonders. In the IDAL, as have both!