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djcalcaire 02/09/2006

Rhodes Mark II Stage 73 : djcalcaire's user review


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I have since March 2001, bought 7,000 francs, it dates from 83: he did concerts and studios repeated without flinching, and without much dsaccorder.

most: the sound and even sound, and touch, and sensual relationship that cre between the hand and this pretty bte. a great point to its ability to be heard on, with two notes at the bottom of mix or a little tremolo handmade in volume knob.

minimum: this little bastard has a hammer that has a tape Desax and cot from its stem: so I lost a note and ca not look easy arparer. Other less, but should not be held against him: Rhodes Mark II 73 with his flight and feet in rows: 73 kilos! or almost: prvoir a nice friend.

I tried the suitcase models, which cost three times, c'tait not possible, I tried the plugin and imitations yamaha: sometimes more convincing than a clavinet but hey, it's the same after that We tried the Rhodes, it will spend more

7000 francs: there's no a shit, it's the bargain price of anecdotal master keyboard with insufficient samples inside. The Rhodes is one!
With the exprience I rchterai a Rhodes or another, I do not know yet ... Or may be an upright piano and two dmnageurs Brittany .... Or I sell everything and I buy a mini-market