Wurlitzer 270 "Butterfly"
Wurlitzer 270 "Butterfly"

270 "Butterfly", Electric Piano from Wurlitzer.

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moosers 10/15/2009

Wurlitzer 270 "Butterfly" : moosers's user review


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The Wurlitzer 270 Butterfly is an electric piano that is encased a small baby grand style piano.  I believe that the inside of the keyboard is the same as most in the 200 series of electric pianos, but as you can see in the picture, the outside is drastically different.  This is one of the rarest Wurlitzer electric pianos and is probably one of the most unique.  My guess is that they decided they wanted to try to make an electric piano that can be viewed upon as a piece of furniture like acoustic pianos are.  While I don't think that they quite succeeded if that is what they wanted to do, they did make a pretty awesome keyboard here.  I've only had the pleasure of using the Wurlitzer 270 Butterfly one time for recording and was definitely impressed all the way around.  It has a great sound that is on par with the other electric pianos in the 200 series if it isn't a direct copy of them.  This definitely has the classic Wurlitzer electric piano sound even if it doesn't have the look of any of them.  While I can't say that I would recommend seeking one of these out to buy as they are very rare and would probably cost a fortune, not to mention that it would be hard to move as these are quite heavy.  While I would recommend trying to buy one of the other Wurlitzer electric pianos in the 200 series, if you ever have the chance to try out the 270 definitely take advantage because you never know when you will find another one! All in all the Wurlitzer 270 Butterfly is an extremely unique keyboard within the classic 200 series electric pianos and although it is rare if you must have one of them you should definitely be able to find one if you look enough...