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moosers 05/05/2009

Yamaha CP-80 : moosers's user review


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The Yamaha CP-80 is a full key sized electric piano that emulates the sound of a grand piano. It has the real look and feel of a grand piano, but is much smaller and is portable. It has a series of presets as well as a volume knob, but the presets aren't adjustable and because of this you are kind of stuck with what they give you. It is not a worry though because the presets are very usable and for the most part sound great. It has a few different sounds in addition to the acoustic piano, but I usually just stick with the classic piano sound. It also has a sustain pedal which as all piano players know is essential for realistic piano playing. While it looks more like a Fender Rhodes than it does a grand piano, don't let it deceive you as this is a true sounding piano. The action of the Yamaha CP-80 is very realistic feeling and definitely has the feel of a real acoustic piano. I haven't tried too many other electric pianos that model the sound of an acoustic one and are built like this, but it would be hard to find on that does it as well as this one does in my opinion. Since it is made by Yamaha you expect this instrument to be made properly and sturdily and it is definitley just that. If you treat this piano right it will definitely last you a while and really is a great choice for your home, for recording or for live shows. It is great to have a nice acoustic piano sound in an instrument that isn't giant and impossible to bring to shows and lug around and while I'd rather use a real acoustic piano for recording, this is a nice substitute if you do not have that liberty. The Yamaha CP-80 is overall an awesome electric piano and I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the market for an instrument like this.