Eastwood Guitars Sidejack Baritone
Eastwood Guitars Sidejack Baritone

Sidejack Baritone, Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Eastwood Guitars in the Sidejack series.

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Juud 05/22/2007

Eastwood Guitars Sidejack Baritone : Juud's user review


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It's a Canadian guitar
2 Micro P-90 that stick out the morphology of the guitar with 3 position: round, easel and both sets.
it is a baritone so the handle is longer than a standard electric guitar, but you get used pretty quickly the beast. The strings are of 13-62 I am not too much advice from underneath that Council to make a bigger pulling, pulling the base is already very thick, with a larger I pulling fear that the guitar becomes hard to play but hey after all was it's a matter of taste.


When one is accustomed to play on a normal guitar one is a little surprised by the handle at the beginning but as I said earlier it is a matter of habit and is quickly hand. The access to acute is easy even if you have to walk a little way!
I love the shape I find very beautiful and finishes are really quality compar guitars highest range, again it is heavier than a normal guitar because most logical is not it?
So if you want a single large sound is the guitar for you, she really has a power and harmonics she was well, just playing on the big rope distortion it's almost like we made a deal! some guitarist uses it to see the big rock sound Mtal but we can actually play its clear and have a very jazzy round. After it is on that can not quite play with this grat but hey it's not over when one stumbles decides to buy a baritone.


It is well suited my style of music in the sense that I like to have a little different sounds.
I have an orange head amp with a 2 * 12 and the sound is fat!
I like to kind of bass line with, if you know the album Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg basses are made with a baritone and I wonder if Jack White (fan of the brand) was not recorded the riff of the beginning of seven nation army with this guitar.


I like its originality and unique grain.
seen the report quality price I would do without this choice problem