Epiphone Korina Flying V 7-String
Epiphone Korina Flying V 7-String

Korina Flying V 7-String, Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Epiphone in the Flying V series.

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no_quarter 12/08/2006

Epiphone Korina Flying V 7-String : no_quarter's user review


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It is a skyscraper with the typical characteristics of flying, but with a seventh chord (so bad) and more. the pickups are original epiphone quality pretty average. features very simple: three knobs (two volume, one tone), a three position switch. typical arrangement gibson / epiphone. I put eight microphones (-) and originqlité, the look (+).


The neck is very wide and very thick because of the seventh chord. it's a bit confusing to have such a big stick in hand at the beginning ... but you get done quickly, one begins to like it ;-) even so it takes time to get used to the shape of the guitar if you have never played a V-shaped skyscraper like that. not very practical to play seated. there are good sound quickly. the head tends to look, not very balanced all this.


The sound is very distinctive, very bold and powerful, that even a little drool. ben mics are really not original to the height of the skyscraper. I changed the bridge pickup for sh4 (7-string version, so if that is ...), and I have gained in precision. You need a specific amp and the bass much cash to tame its power. I play the stoner and my fender deluxe was too tight to withstand the shocks of distorted electric juice that I imposed. rockn'roll for the very fat, stoner, it's great as a scraper. although it takes its full extent with overdrive, the clean sound is nice too, especially with the selector in the middle: its a big deal. The violin is a bit of junk, it feels ...


I play it for over a year now and I love the look seventies and power. cons must be provided by a budget to change the pickups because they are not up to scratch. I like the sounds you can get a 7 string but I am not a fan of Ibanez (7 string in the reference) too oriented metal sound too modern. This scraper is oriented rockn'roll but is just as well for some plans metal. I love him for his character's dog and very special. in the end, I'd say it's a great instrument and exciting sex.