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tibo67 09/27/2004

Ibanez K7 : tibo67's user review


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The config is the same tjs;
24 round boxes, microphones PAF Pro 7, Lo Pro Edge (+ U Bar), a single volume knob and 3 position selector.
Mine is also a gray but I board had the chance to buy reasonably priced new one (qd importer of Ibanez had done).


The handle is not bad but it's still a 7-string (I personally much prefer the comfort of a 6-string).
There are no landmarks on it outside the fluorescent points (which is just right for the scene).
Access to treble is super easy (a condition not to play with a super long strap like me) thanks to the shape Ibanez.
Overall it is finished I trouve.Y has full details such as rounded heel at the junction of the neck and body such that make it pleasant and above all it is simple.
Against by the end of three hours to repeat standing I begin to feel its weight.
I board a good sound but I board the stuff behind and I had the sound I wanted (except for serious I missed in 6 strings).


I'm not a shredder crazy and got into New QLQ time and since I'm more attracted assez.Je the rythmique.En that I am not a great demonstration of the possibilities of a 7-string.
I play different stuff including Mesa and the distortion is correcte.Les Paf disappoint me a bit at the beginning being a fan of EMG (but I do not want to change the violin to place a 707) a lack of precision.
on the other hand I rather like the depth of its (clear) that the seventh chord brings.
Finally it is clear that the I prefer but I remember that I am the neo!
My complaint is the lack of sustain with respect to such an ESP.


I have been using for over a year and dust.
I love the richness offered by the extra string but prefer the comfort of a 6 string.
I tried Universes and RG 7-string and my favorite is ca.
It is simple but has everything I need, it is well focused scene (including the input jack up the neon landmarks etc), I personally prefer the other (but Every one needs).
The value for money was ok but I had paid "only" in the new 1500.
In retrospect I think I buy it again even if I do not use it that much.
It's more a bonus to spice things up my guitar fetish, but I like it enough.