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Igor O 08/31/2003

Ibanez K7 : Igor O's user review


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Only three mic positions, good Floyd, VERY good handle my taste, speed of handling and adaptation record for a 7-string!
Superb coating and finishing in general.
Compltement fan of the color "Blade Grey"


Again, the handle is really my taste excellent, very good balance (especially when you come out of years of Les Paul!). Touch trs enjoyable on the right forearm (well, for right-handed ....), even by sweating on stage.

Reverse the jack (the jack that was "back" of the guitar) is very useful when playing seated.

Good view of Floyd.


L is a drip pan ... the microphones, DiMarzio Paf7, are not really suited to the inspiration of the beautiful.
Especially in the bridge position, with a record of 1 cm map with the strings, all non-adjustable without the addition of calle (!) Under the microphones! Vritable a shame. The poor do not spit that Paf 220mV, gnial in the neck position for the bright / crunch, ridiculous easel for big sound!
Not sustain (while playing a Correct!), No potatoes, fat loss on the 7 string ..... C of the ball!


APRS surlever have microphones, and changed the bridge with a bang ToneZone7, g finally in the hands a scratch that hard. What is a scandal for the scratching of the award (12500 f the era), which could be optimum home .....
Correct and gives a coupled in A #, the duo dmnage wild, does not really lace, and above all (what I hear most often), she has a great look, faith-class, modern and aggressive.

So, a big wolf on the bridge pickup, but a faith rsolu this problem (and why not ....? assets), we obtain a simple scratch of a superb quality.