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Chris Martins 12/10/2003

Ibanez RG7620 : Chris Martins's user review


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Made in Japan. Channel two octaves, two double (changed as soon as possible for a tone zone and air norton 7 7) which compltement opened the guitar sound a little too smooth with dimarzios home. The lo-pro edge into the agreement without flinching, the five positions are really varied and the handle is played alone with a super low action when properly rgl and without a frieze in all directions. ..


Lgre for a 7-string, Access in acute and very easy control of the total. But it's not a Les Paul, it does not play for you and you have to move things with your guitar playing. But once it is made, difficult to return anything


The five sounds are trs typical of the brand ... trs soft crystalline and split trs dynamic prcis in duplicate on saturations. Crunches are the same soft or aggressive depending on your games and hardware. It is not necessary, and allows all with his own voice.


In three years I had more and more difficult to ask it to play my other guitars (including a custom Warmoth, a Start, a Les Paul, another Ibanez 6-string (570 climbs Dimarzios) .. .). The 7th string is really a gift when seeking encoreplus versatility and expressiveness. The ratio Q / P is even better now that prices have dropped a little and the violin is at the top. Today I do not play on it and it is on all the tracks in BMD of my group and our new album due out late 2004.