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Fender JG66-85
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spixriton spixriton
Published on 07/26/05 at 07:40
Pices amricaines assembled in Japan it seems. It does not look too cheap as a.
22 frets, 2 single pickups.
SPECIFICATIONS trs bridge. Personal I use almost never vibrato, both on this guitar than on the other. For cons, the mcanique is quite surprising and made entry, especially since it is not reliable at trs tuning my taste. I'm still in the saddle rgler the low E string, the other often.
The two circuits spars: the top one that uses the micro serious only (I think) which can rgler Tone & volume. Although round, for the trs (too) warm. The circuit of the low, far more incisive with slecteur for each microphone, a low filter, and finally the Tone + volume.
All with a microwave design of the 70 aa of the mouth!

The handle smooth trs, trs round and also pais, may seem surprising at beginners and above all quickly tired trs her man. CHAC is easy to acute but not great Submitted intrt seen the use of this mostly rhythm guitar.
You'll quickly get the guitar in hand, it is trs comfortable, not overly heavy, well balance. For cons, the ACCS to the settings of the circuit 'jazz' (the top one, the chubby) is not usual so we get lost a little beginners.
It is a difficult trs guitar on an amp to sound. It's been three years since I started and I understand how to make it sound. It needs work, she will not walk alone.

I play rock, so is suitable. It will not be able to do nag, the mtal or something too extreme on the other hand. It remains soft for a good rhythm but well supported by a bassist, a slap. We hear the guitar well, it really stands out with its unique sound.
I was playing on a small combo marshall vs 100 (https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/avis/index% 2Cidproduit 2C10491.html%) and now a rivera (https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits / view / index%% 2Cidproduit 2C38346.html). Well, forcment is better on the Rivera. When I say best, it's just standard! The marshall is blah, it's not the guitar amp fits most and vice versa.
I use it to track down with the micro serious all the time, + / - the micro acute that brings out a little sound if ncessaire. I am using almost no circuit 'jazz' but alone at home.

3 years I have, I begin to be happy trs.
The big problem of this guitar, apart from a few feeble mcaniques is blatant lack of sustain! Never attempt a solo the above is not meant to! TRS is a good rhythm guitar but for the solos, there's not enough output level to sustain and ringing. Especially since the handle is not slippery trs but plutt made to keep the big agreement.

The price (860 in 2002 I think) seems to me proper, even if it is not the jaguar against states. I have not tried the other guitars Paske era I wanted a jag, both for the mouth as for his very special. So I would do this election if ncessaire, Paska can not replace a jag, if not another jag!