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Georgy 11/07/2006

Fender JG66-85 : Georgy's user review


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Fender Jaguar Japan

22 frets

2 micros simple (well, simple ...)

3 switches for: <ul> on / off the microphone of the handle </ul><ul> on / off the microphone of the bridge </ul><ul> "Absorption" of acute (=> it can attenuate the gain, once set in motion, quite handy) </ul>

2 knobs: <ul> a tone </ul><ul> a volume (not great moves especially between 8 and 10) </ul>

One other switch (above) a little Rhythm / lead of Les Paul. Lead single mode micro
the handle is working, and then the sound changes (versatile)

2 knobs: volume and tone for the lead

it&#39;s full ...

The bridge not great strings go easy so I replace it with a Mustang bridge and then more trouble (why not directly Mustang? Beh Jaguar Jaguar is listening ...). Floating bridge + unique vibrato spring (specific) the tuning is not moving or almost no, it&#39;s not an Ibanez vibrato (this vintage), but it is usable without having to prepare the tuner on.

The handle, not fat, not thin, quite slippery pleasant and mild, which does not hurt.

Japanese and excellent!

The problem is the box, not included with the Japanese ... Well, I looked for a box to Jaguar (it comes in what he was prepared) and uh, past the box Fender ... 200 on a guitar at 7 / 800 (the house is credit for the box?). But hey there instead replication ROCKCASE Warwick (80euros) but watch out even within black and orange box Fender (they are the 200euros?). Otherwise they are asked to keep the guitar done to protect it, done => beh And then?

7 / 10 but for the volume (not very disturbing) and chavalet Mustang (35euros) and then the box not included ...

PS: it seems that the top circuit is the rhythm and the bottom, the lead ... I use it differently, why? because the rhythm would use the mic while the handle while the lead circuit offers a choice of pickup and / or handle (+ I think the thing that reduces the gain). A debate could be there but I find it more accurate (in rock) to get a more accurate ryhtmique, perhaps drier (bridge pickup) and the solo (which would be more bold). No? Finally is, I use the real rhythm part when I push the gain (but rare) is finally ... I used the term rhythm and lead my way on this opinion.


Must prendrele time to know, listen ...
Guitar pros!

The handle is first way is a bit like a vintage lacquer, you have to play and after 10 minutes ... it slides alone. At first it is sticky it is, but playing with it &#39;softens&#39; to no longer be at all after a few days.
Level form, it is not aggressive, does not hurt when you play &#39;clean&#39; with the thumb behind the neck. Not too thin nor too fat. I think it&#39;s a round shape C.

The boxes are small enough it easier for large deviations. Strikethrough is easy. Replace the nut with a boxwood is useless (to not say stupid).

Access to acute ... Jaguar is not it, it&#39;s vintage, access is good (rather excellent) ... but why go there? To make the bend at full speed? It is not possible, even with the chavalet Mustang, a bend on the 12th fret (minimum) and the small rope goes ... Perhaps by raising the handle, but not to do and most is not made for a guitar.

Disposition of the weight is good, it stays in place when placed on his shoulders, even with a strap that slides (obviously I did not put vertical)

The sound is directly ... Jaguar ... a little dry crystalline bridge pickup (screaming if you push the amp gain), serious and round on the bridge pickup. Very good, it&#39;s going to rock even slight distortion (bah if it grows it becomes quite &#39;standard&#39; distortion). I prefer to clean, it has a particular color, even without a tube amp that could &#39;eat&#39; the guitar, it has lots of character.

As a Jaguar ...

I play rock and blues mainly and it is perfect, we know puncher with, as being mild.

I play with a Vox AC15 and a Fender Blues Junior duh, that does not quite go eh! The sound is like I said, the amp provides grain, but the guitar keeps its personality.

a little dry crystalline bridge pickup (it grows on screaming on the amplifier gain)
serious and round on the bridge pickup.


I use it for 6 months and after two weeks, I could not sleep without the sound is right for me, very vintage, with the air of true modern aesthetic, when to rock it through the micro bridge, and also very brittle especially thanks to the small pitch. And known to be very soft, round, warm and perfect for the blues while net. These are very good microphones, and a very good mail.

I&#39;d try 4 or 5 strata, 4 or 5 tele / esquire, the two Paul, SG 2, a Paul Reed Smith, 3 / 4 Ibanez finally, I go around, why this one ... Beh anyway to buy, try and compare, it has its place among the big names, a sound (to try once in your life anyway!) It suits me I now must try it, the Japan no longer exists (though excellent) may be in a &#39;small&#39; store because the price difference of nearly 1000euros with the U.S. are thinking but hey, if I had the choice again, I would do and if I 1000euros again, should I try the 2 one after the other ... But the difference is not worth the 1000euros, if it turns out that this sum was equal to the improvement of the guitar in its various aspects (if it is an expensive rafistollage since it is excellent!). Finally let&#39;s say, I would sell what it takes to have it! And I would have!