Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH
Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH

Special Edition Jaguar HH, Electric solidbody guitar with JZ/JG body from Fender in the Jaguar series.

Gab66 02/22/2013

Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH : Gab66's user review

«  Fenson or Gibder???? »

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Well-known model, created by the firm of Leo at the time they sought a more class, was born Jazzmaster and the Jaguar ... After some turpitude, models have become cult ....
Hands, I have a special model: Version Special HH (sic) ... So what's good there?

Well, we're dealing with a classic Jaguar shape, short handle, key reported, the curvature of the Jag and .... no vibrato! And yes, my little lady that was removed was rotten ... Look at microphones, a pair of double ... Fender???? And unlike Blacktops, there is a routing wholes in ways similar to Jag "basic", so beautiful sonic possibilities. Besides this avalanche of switches makes me think of the 50s Italian guitars, glitter paint less of course ....

Overall look and handling:
As the original smelled good surf music, as here, the black dress, invites many other things ... Small finishing details annoying: The decal on the head is very cheap, as the chrome knobs, switches the plastic is very poor and that of the shield. In addition, being single-ply black .... is tristou. In short sobiété too ... kills sobriety!
By taking in hand .... ouch! It weighs! it almost looks like a Les Paul. This is also the question of whether the firm Leo has not ogled the side of Kalamazoo designing this scoop: press reported a body in real wood tree hanging, two doubles and a short handle (very short way!).
Let us see if the sustain is lespaulesque! Nope, it vibrates, but no more than that. on the other hand, level ergonomics, well balanced head and grater stays in place, either Thurs standing or sitting (lying?). The handle fits nicely in pogne and invites riff. And yes, in my opinion, shreddeux, go your way!

Once assimilated the routing is confusing branch tube amp running off ...
Clearly, its cool but dry circuit lead, not garish usual Fender (lens forgiveness), in rhythm, welcome to the velvet, it's almost syrupy ... But nice all the same! Lead found in a good aggressive edge ... It promises to distortion!
Neither one nor two, I switched the channel Tube Screamer my head and there TSA, happiness, enjoyment etc etc ... Sounds mordants, saturation beautiful, rich bridge pickup can be a bit too rich for that matter. Rhythm Circuit, good softness.
In my opinion it is between drought and velvety Fender Gibson. Lack a bit of sustain, but perfect for typing in the pop, rock great big task and within the psyche rock air, but not too ...
In short punchy pickups, ill-bred, but a bit too clean (it grassouille not enough for my taste) ... In short it smells soap and not enough pussy ...
Note, however: a handle particular, the frets are very close to the bottom of the inning, then train and I have a set of strings a little light, too short flexible, it will have a good game of stick heavy bottom to draw the quintessence ...

In summary:
When Fender made anything other than strats .... well they are able to do something versatile, full of charm which can ogle the side punk / grunge / hard / pop and jazz too silky ... A different model and endearing ...