Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH
Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH

Special Edition Jaguar HH, Electric solidbody guitar with JZ/JG body from Fender in the Jaguar series.

parkerlewis 09/25/2006

Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH : parkerlewis's user review


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Japan, alder body
22 frets, 2 humbuckers pickups special design MIJ Dragster
Adjustomatic easel
Full of rglages but simply put a very hot pace circuit (just neck pickup), and lead (using both).
Channel profile c, maple, rosewood fingerboard

Channel super enjoyable, not too big, not too thin nickel coatings
It's a jaguar therefore no access to acute problem
Unlike what I've read, it is a skyscraper of normal weight. Personally I dteste heavy guitars (Gibson gender) and it is perfect.
Getting a good sound? Just play. First select the channel, the sound quality is immdiate. After tonalities is refined with the slecteurs microphones and phase opposition.

I play in a rock record and it's really perfect. Ideal also for blues, pop, etc ... Mtalleux, I think it will not be for you because it's not a guitar solos dstine 12 ratings per second.
I plugged in a fender hot rod deluxe with a good clear sound fender and it is happiness !! I add a good vintage distortion and is ecstasy.
All sonorits have their reasons, but I prefer be the lead channel, with two microphones In parallel and Tone 5-6

This is a purchase trsrcent but time is irrelevant when it's a hsitoire love is all about passion. No Seriously, I can no longer do without it ... and yet I was full of guitars (strat and tl US, mustang, Jagmaster and even a Gibson Flying V).
Goodies: the look, sound, ergonomics, weight, handle ...
Cons: I do not see that from her book with a tui auait t even better
At 900 euros, I think is well worth a lot of guitars in Superior good price, but it's a sound typ so try before !!!
If I were stolen, first I found the guy, I rcupre my guitar and I'll get a sharp scraper to type with, just for the principle as an instrument like that, it's so a favorite that was not done. If I do not find, well, I'm in for it too rachte a gun ....