Line 6 Variax 500
Line 6 Variax 500
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Mic_guitar 12/18/2003

Line 6 Variax 500 : Mic_guitar's user review


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I will say nothing of the spcial CHARACTERISTICS. She has a beautiful face especially in sunburst, has changed the traditional Fender butts .... Book a gig-bag, which seems to the well being protected bte

The handle is quite enjoyable as the end. The rosewood fingerboard is quality honorable.Les frets are a little prominent: This is not a finished copy, but that is enough. She is super lgre which is not ngligeable when playing standing for hours ... The varnish qq parat FBRIL a little ...
The pots are nice, a strangely reminds those of Tl
A knob particulirement draws our attention ...

It gives me the size that is most important:

I still remember my FBRIL when I connect the instrument and operates the knob magic!
Warning: do multiple play the instrument like the original, if you close your eyes more, the illusion will be perfect

Position T-model:
It is the Tl mule. The Fidler is to go, it's impressive. We find the soft bass and treble foil. Each position (1,2,3,4 or 5) has its own personality.
Warning: the 4-position: unplayable because compltement tufts. Spcial favorite for the position 5 and 3!

Position Spank:
Our good old Start: Always the same, very very good copy. We find the cot incisive "original" by attacking the strings frankly. Position 4 is vintage, it was believed widely amricaine a 1300 euros.

Lester Position:
The inevitable Les Paul. It is believed, there is the dominant gibson: The fat and powerful sound. Line 6 amme pushed the deputy returning the power of humbuckers over single coil is actuated when the knob!
It's very good, I jou dj gibson on and I still do not see the diffrence in terms of sound ...

Special Position
Matrise I do not have enough instruments to be able to parler.Cependant I like the glitter of the cot in position firebird 2.A find the CHARACTERISTICS of Gibson.

Position R-billy
position 1.3 and 5 mule a gretsch 6120. What a chest! This guitar has a very impressive personality. The sound is vintage, a little too powerful sometimes overwhelming ... but what charisma! Position 2 and 4 is Rock n 'Roll. Some riffs well arranged and we would really say in the 50's!
I like this feature because of the magic knob these days it is very rare to find sounds like it ...

Position Chime:
The Rickenbacker, I do not know ... I can not judge the relative similarity of original equipment, however the personality j'apprcie mule. There is a fairly simple guitar, powerful but again compltement Rock N 'Roll, ideal for the rhythms.

Semi Position:
The slap!
regarding the position of 1,3,5, we find a E335. I laugh but I'm not mistaken for Chuck Berry Johnny be good by scratching. Fidler to the cleat. we feel safe and well rsonances of the original. Specially mentioned for the position 3, which gnre foils pleasurable ...
Position 2 and 4: This is a piphone Casino. More felt that his partner in clean, it has a natural saturation when the volume knob is all lovely background. I think a c'tait ftiches guitars of John Lennon. Me too I adopted especially for rhythm parts.

Position Jazzbox
I do not know these guitars mules. So no big speeches.
Position 4 seems to me quite unplayable because the bass are invasive.
But atmosphre General for this function Jazzbox is involved, the focus is easy provided you have a game suited.

Acoustic Position
It is the function of which everyone speaks. I find it very very Russian. The three folks have their own personality is stirring the gibson, country western atmosphere is not far ...
On the ass for 12 strings, I baba, what an easy game made quite optimal.
It must function acoustic prciser that gnre Unlimited capacity allows for a knob to vary the brightness of the sound for each Gratt '. I like, I spend hours on tape MY sound!
Madam palm mute makes divinely on this machine that is the Variax.

Position Rso
Good trip!
Never j'achterai of Gratt 'type rsonators but the j'apprcie, like the sound is stunning. I will say that even this kind of play sue Gratt 'inspires an original game, you come out of the box but with a truly honorable quality!
Specially mention the banjo is that fun!
The sitar is haunting, oriental wish!

Custom functions allow the guitars want to arrange in the order you want

I use this Gratt 'for a month and I am a fan.
The modlisations are up to my sprances.
I am short height for a small budget like mine.
Take Whereas this guitar you will optimize the coupling with an amp consquence. The acoustic guitars sound better on an amp carrment electro than a conventional electric combo.
I had this guitar for 800 euros and I will not leave me too pasdonnez your review
Long Live Rock!