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Willty 10/03/2003

Alesis D4 : Willty's user review


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Sampled drums, 16bit, 48kHz
16 voice polyphony
500 sounds:
- 99 Kicks
- 99 Snares
- Cymbals 55
- 92 Toms
- 76 Percussion Sounds
- 80 Effects
21 programmable drum sets

Entering to trigg 12 + 1 for hihat pedals
48kHz samplingfrequence
4 stereo outputs on 2 or 4 peers INDIVIDUAL OUTPUT
Velocity sensitivity Preview Button
Drum Sound Editing. Vary tuning, mix, and pan, and to distribute Drumsound to "groups" for special effects
Midi in / out
The front headphone jack

13 sensor inputs, 4 outputs, the D4 for pure joy! Can serve as a midi interface to control a sampler with 13 triggers! I even triggu drum tracks APRS record falling within the D4 track GC.
Is used in 150 euros (10/2003). There are 21 programs, modifiable will (be back when even!).
There is no effect

Configuration excellent! The edition is super easy, the manual is well done trs trs, a real rgale!
Works with any sensor (rglage gain)
Properly by cleaning a kick drum track I Russi trigguer the GC in the fall within the D4: fabulous!

I agree trs sounds good. Trs good in bass drum, toms, hi-hat, cymbals and a few little snare (weak). The VLOC is excellent. Coupled with a trigger for ddrum acoustic bass drum, a function of Thunder live in the studio.

I use it for one month and I'm in heaven! I love kicks and 13 inputs and 4 outputs, I like less snare (only interesting 3-4).
The report quality price is unbeatable (I cost a ddrum module 4, not bad but expensive trs) 150 euros OCCAZ '
I would do this choice with eyes closed!