Dynacord ADD Two
Dynacord ADD Two

ADD Two, Electronic Drum Module from Dynacord.

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angeyoda 09/25/2008

Dynacord ADD Two : angeyoda's user review


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16 channels polyphony
16-bit / 44.1kHz
no effect
° 2M to 8M RAM expandable ° (very expensive)

TRIGG 8 INPUT, 8 separate outputs, MIDI, SCSI, 3'5 Diskettes

The config is a bit complex because there is a mixer with 2 AUX channels ... Brilliant!
Editing on the small screen is a little bit hard. But it can be done.
The manual is average ...

The converters have their color as a powerful dynamic, very Germanic!
There is no effect unit inside, and unfortunately no filters!
It's the only thing missing from this machine.
Yes very dynamic! This machine is a straightforward way in the mix! TE RRI BLE!
downright violent!

I used 91 to 96 until (I had 2) fail ...
So all this memory ...

the + and a fucking drum sampler in U 2, with 3 envelopes (!!!), sample layer 3, a mixer built! a nice "sound library", a trigger efficient, full MIDI, a huge dynamic, a big sound!

the -, NO FILTER Argghh!? dodgy reliability, no SAV (Dynacord has literally abandoned the machine, but unfortunately ...)
And unfortunately it is not a Rom Sampler board ... you should reload all sound if power failure on stage ...

at the time it couait fcs 30000 (€ 5000) so expensive but top quality ...

No I do not have that choice would do all the negative pre-quoted.
Too bad Dynacord have dropped as a CT super machine.
I still do not fix mine ...
I'll do maybe one day if only for the bank's Dynacord!