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jbjovi 06/24/2011

Alesis USB Studio Drum Kit : jbjovi's user review

«  Perfect for the home studio »

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Value For Money : Excellent
First, we must know that I am not a drummer, even though I practiced the instrument a few years long ago. I turned to this product because I was looking for a USB interface and not midday, BFD or EZdrummer to control the south of my sound card causing me concern.

I use it for 2 months. The specifics I like most are the toms with skin, offering a touch similar to that of a real drumkit while being only slightly noisy. The interface Trigger I / O is also excellent. The ability to suppress the cymbals while the manipulation is not necessarily obvious at first.

What I like least and I find the same limit is that it does not provide the kick pedal. But the worst feature is the drumkit itself but the software (a lite version of EZdrummer in my case) that does not support the toms mediums! Making it necessary to buy the normal version if you want to carry on all of the instrument simultaneously ... Frankly great way.

The value for money is excellent and the choice I would do without hesitation.