Millenium MPS-100
Millenium MPS-100

MPS-100, Electronic Drum Kit from Millenium.

NikoMcbrain 06/23/2011

Millenium MPS-100 : NikoMcbrain's user review

« Good as a first drum kit »

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This was the first drum kit I bought, it seems simple and the price is affordable! I can confirm that it is easy to use, it takes 15-20min to set it up and the module is very easy to use.
The type of drum sounds on the module are nice, it is very easy to use (manage sounds, etc.).
So, its main strengths are the price, the toms, the cymbals, and, especially, the bass drum pedal, which is very responsive, but be careful with the snare drum because some spots don't sound at all, it's very annoying!
Nevertheless, the sound is not the best, it has a reverb, that is impossible to get rid of and it's very annoying! The sound hasn't much attack, due to the reverb, and you really need an excellent audio output for it to be convincing, because it's the audio output that will give your drums a good sound or not. (Despite that, the reverb is unbearable.)

All in all, this drum kit is not bad, for a beginner, it's even very good. You just need to foresee changing the module fast because the one that comes with it is tiring (although that depends on how much you play it). You can always make a drum kit evolve, though, and if you are just starting out, it's more than enough. But if you have the money to buy something more high-end, don't hesitate!!
If you are an experienced drummer and this is your first ELECTRONIC drum set, look somewhere else or you'll be disappointed.

PS: The cans that come with it are of good quality and are more than enough for this kit.

Broadly speaking:

Ease of use
Different sounds

It's impossible to remove the reverb
Limited module
The hi-hats (sensibility) and snare (muted spots) are frustrating