Millenium MPS-100
Millenium MPS-100

MPS-100, Electronic Drum Kit from Millenium.

Xavier75020 01/06/2007

Millenium MPS-100 : Xavier75020's user review

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I bought this kit as a Christmas present for my 9-year old son, who started playing drums several months ago. My goal was to make practicing at home enjoyable for him and that he hit it off with the instrument. I didn't want to spend much, even if that means having to invest more in 2-3 years, if he really is fond of playing.
Everything is well packaged and rationally distributed.
The diagrams are very clear and it's easy to set up. Overall, it seems of good quality and resistant. It's even surprising, for the price ($400). Extremely clear pad-modules cabling: Every cable has its color code and the name of the pad!
After several days of use, we are very satisfied with it: You hit it and it sounds, which is what you expect of it! No insensitive zones, the center of the cymbals is too sensitive (that's where the sensor is). For the price, it's spectacular!
Moreover: a library of 30 different drum/percussion sounds, 50 pre-recorded songs to play along (you can mute the drum part), individual volume control for each pad, one headphone output, one amp/hi-fi system output, one MIDI out.
I have my reservations on the sensitivity of the cymbals, which is average. The pedals (hi-hat and bass drum) aren't easy to use, the soundbank is of good quality, even though not too diverse. But to be honest, if it weren't for these defects, I don't know what makes the big names (Roland and Yamaha) so different.
In conclusion: It's a drum kit for beginners that is worth the money. I have no objective reason to be disappointed. I would definitely buy it again, if I had the same goal in mind.