Millenium MPS-100
Millenium MPS-100

MPS-100, Electronic Drum Kit from Millenium.

Mix2dub 11/17/2006

Millenium MPS-100 : Mix2dub's user review

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I used it a month and sold it immediately.
The price is very attractive but the quality isn't very good.
I also tested the next model, the mps300. The only differences between them are the module, and the snare and tom pads.
Its value for money is all right, especially for beginners. I think an experienced drummer will take it to its limits in a couple of months.

The module lacks precision, I recommend you to use the PC or an expander for the sounds.
If you don't hit it like crazy, it might be interesting. If it were possible to change modules, I would've bought an Alesis D4, and since it allows you to adjust the pads, the drum kit elements would respond better than with the original module.

The module is made by Médéli and I found four different sellers for this product online. The lowest price was $400 (musicstore, although the price is a bit higher this summer for the complete set), it's certainly not expensive. It's especially worth it as a first experience, but I prefer to spend more to get something of better quality (the Yamaha dt xpress isn't expensive secondhand and it will surely hold up!!!)

I recommend it as a silent kit or to start out in the electronic drum kit / computer music world, or for an experienced drummer who wishes to add some electronic pads to his acoustic kit.