Millenium MPS-300
Millenium MPS-300

MPS-300, Electronic Drum Kit from Millenium.

IbanSteeN 03/27/2009

Millenium MPS-300 : IbanSteeN's user review


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I wanted for a while to buy a drumkit electronic, in order to train quietly and to earn a maximum of place, to record with some of my models as EZdrummer VST. At first I thought the Roland TD3 KW, but the acquisition of 900 ncessaires this dernire not within my budget, I immediately pass my way ... And then I came across this little electronic drum on Thomann, Submitted to several advantages:

- The price
- The malabilit (you can move the pads aisment original skin cells)
- The look (plutt class ^ ^)

I ordered first a Roland TD3 module on ebay, then I went on our beloved German supplier to order the drumkit, and then as I still had a lot of money, I also took the covers Guitar floorboard and a double pedals etc. ....

I command all of last Wednesday, one week I have all REU APRS!

In dballage, I was surprised: The rack is of excellent quality for the price, with a nice look "carbon" pads are great, a bit noisy yes, but I plan to pass mesh-skin for later;) (see tutorial of vetjc)

The rponse is quite good with the TD3, there are some good rglages do but nothing too mchant.

Also note that the bass drum pedals that came with does not bind on the kick! Yet there is a site with holes for the screws, but it is not compatible. Nothing really mchant either.

For an electronic drumkit Premire, honest I'm bluffing it's good quality for a great price (289) I advise all beginners drummers on a budget to start I think you can not RVer better!

NB: I pay a total of 700 with 900 against all my accessories for the TD3, all that was worth it!

Ciao's zicos! ;)