Roland TD-6KV
Roland TD-6KV

TD-6KV, Electronic Drum Kit from Roland in the TD series.

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chalupit 05/31/2004

Roland TD-6KV : chalupit's user review


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2 large cardboard boxes reus, one containing the rack and the other containing the module's TD6V, all pads and controller charley.
The rack installs very easy, just Leaflets everything. A Premire view, does not look a solid mount, but once you realize that it is stable and trs trs plays out its rle. For my part, occupies the ground has little 1m20 on 1m20 prs (counting the stool is a little rear) but dpend the fawn whose rack is possible if you have big arms you have the tendency Leaflets much (I have small hands).

The touch pad is a little rubber dconcertant to beginners. But I guarantee you that I got trs accustomed to. The sensitivity is trs good, really no problem. Spcial point for snare pad (PD80R), trs good. Small black dot, the sensor to the edge of the cymbals is not trs sensible, at least not as I want. While the DME is normment (I love).
The bass drum pad is also trs good (sensitivity level. We do not at all the touch of a bass drum acoustic but you get done (beware of the downstairs neighbor if you have one). With a double pedals, no problem (ah, if the downstairs neighbor, him again).
The sensitivity is paramtrable and the treshold (to avoid the dclenchement parasites) and the note trigg (useful for assignments of notes on your software prfr)
Each pad possde Stereo output then double trigg but left for the cymbals and snare, I have not found that has worked well for others (rubber tom pads).

The sound module:
Fairly complete, each sample can be paramtr (Pan, delay, pitch, volume ...). For me 50% sounds useless to me (sound effects, cartoon sound etc ...). So, I got two kits, one to please me and one for recording. It's good trs, trs sound is convincing.
A mix between (IN) can play at the same time as your prfr tube. Two mono output jacks 6.5 (left and right or left / mono) can leave the sound to what you want. A weird thing is that the sound from the mix (IN) is a transplanted trs low volume (but even when audible) on the output. What is strange is that they could have the choice of any mix and therefore leave the mix and then normally only get the sound but the drumkit malfunction has done more than anything else.
Submitted MIDI ports (I / O), I used the output jack for now, has worked well, it's no surprise.
There are a lot of music (midi) pre-recorded, we just have fun "mutate" the drum part and train it has amused me a few days time to make the turn and then c'tait all, so I think rather gadget.
The snare sound is synthetic trs I find, on bearings it seems that a machine gun, not a lot of nuances, as I found odd given that for the toms, the sound is rather stunning to ism. It's a shame because it is the pad that offers the best touch of the kit.
D'APRS roland site (including the video of the dmonstration TD6), the sound module is compatible with V-Cymbal pads or genre from the tdk8 tdk20 and I do not know I have not tried but seems to be me again in a serious advantage if you think long term.

I am glad trs I dfonce it and I take my foot!
The sound is good and the pads are gnral trs satisfactory.
The module is scalable and I intend to change the cymbals.

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