Yamaha DTXpress III
Yamaha DTXpress III

DTXpress III, Electronic Drum Kit from Yamaha in the DTX series.

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RBsense 02/16/2005

Yamaha DTXpress III : RBsense's user review


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I use the dtx for a little over two weeks, as the perfect beginners buy it (I just tried an acoustic), I did not really test the other batteries, but on paper, the silent dtxpress3 far the most complete in the price range (1000Euros)

we need a little room to mount the kit, I have scrupulously followed the schema, but I would later have to disassemble everything (we will see more below)
Once assembled, it has a drumkit plutt compact that fits easily into the corner of a piece, aesthetically, the dtxpress3 is Russia, the silver and red stand is visually enjoyable.
It remains that rgler height and tilt pads, easy to Systm articulation of the pads.
The pads are standard size, four identical for the 3 toms and hi-hat, a pad STREO dclanchement three areas for the snare, a ride cymbal and a crash mono stereo with tripping center and edge, the pad drum circles, and open control Hi hat.
the pads have a rebound correct, in fact I can not really compare, but right now I train with the black ball and walking crooked and trs well, although the stick back, I can make satisfactory report bearing my typing some random image.
ngatif is the only point for the cymbals softly on s'crasent keystrokes pressed, but that's just normal since they are 1 / 4 of a circle, one can not ask the inertia of a cymbal Entire ...

go to the module, to all beginners I Discoveries drum kits, I t surprised by the quality of sound, there is little kits "gadgets" on the 48 kits factories, it there are only 2 or 3 that are ... Trang.
can s'arrter kits, the "songs", but just flipping through the record there are good surprises, first of all, the trigger on each pad, ie that we can refine the sensitivity of each input, a threshold will dclanchement rponse curve through the sensitivity of the controller HH, rejecting a jous or more sounds at the same time, very complete .
can be worse ... on a "voice" can CRER his drum kit with a choice of about 100 sounds (sometimes over 150) by type of pad and reset the volume, balance, decay, reverb type Tone and quantity ... etc ... You can store up to 40 characters kits I think I made a kit including three acoustic rgl to ptits onions, sweet.

the sequencer is pretty, simple to use, I used to record the rhythms found at random so as not to forget them and be able to work the next day. handy. can also requantifier registration.

the songs, they are not gg to be said which is, I used the first two days and then go from true Zique by taking "to".

Groove Check function allows you to test its accuracy by comparing the strikes in metronome (the black eighth double, triple) and whether we are ahead or behind. useful.

I had spoken of redmontage drumkit, in fact, the cymbals are super bad places of origin on the DTX3, DCAL and I lowered the ride on the right arm prs tom3 of the crash and set prs at the axis of the left foot.
has not seem like a necessary but almost everything disassemble to remove any grip, it's stupid, they could predict the grip that opens in two, would be a more practical.
by against this new config allows me easier access to cymbals and I'm starting to integrate them into my game between a and triggers characters, I begin to have a kit that suits me well.

This drumkit rpond perfectly my expectations, it's super affordable, fast trs I had fun playing and an important point, completely forgot that I hit on the pads, friends, musicians are not apprci also really fun for the ts Edrum.
On the other ct's super sharp if venturing into the settings of the module is a ct that j'apprcie as to properly operate the device.

Accessibilitbr and ease-/>-report qualitprix unbeatable (954Euros in Germany, provided GC pedal, no comment)
Dtx hyper-module in full, kits, factory settings, the first trigger menu available trs
(-For those who want: Technics and wealth of the module settings)
ngatifs points:
-Crappy cymbals inertia
Hooks them "all you have to disassemble or to remove a" good to be done only once but still same.
- The threshold of the rim shot dclenchement not IDAL (adjustable not found)

rating: 8 / 10