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Damage of puppets 04/22/2011

Nintendo Nintendo 64 : Damage of puppets's user review


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This console is without doubt the one that brought me more multiplayer madness hits with classics such as Goldeneye, Mario Kart and Extreme G.

Even solo I spent unforgettable moments, with the games mentioned above but also with Super Mario 64 which was a pure massacre at the time and is still regarded today as a landmark in the history of 3D video game!

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil was a slap too! For me one of the best games beat'them all / adapted for console FPS, if not the best!

There are other games that looked as good as Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Perfect Dark, Zelda, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Party ... But I do not offer me at the time because the cartridges were worth a fortune! (450F in nine, the equivalent in euros now a PS3 game nine ...). Did not trust the games OCCAZ at the time, I contented myself with promos that my parents do not mind when I wanted one or more games for Christmas or my birthday. Mdr

If nostalgia comes to me, I'll try to catch up as these games do not cost much more on the market today OCCAZ! ^ ^

The N64 was nice to nerdy at the time compared to the PSX (not allowing cartridges to sounds other than the basic MIDI and with a limited storage capacity for the development of graphical games compared to CD roms) I do not regret not to have had during his heyday and still have it today because I still turn it on from time to time to get into a little Mario Kart or retro gaming session! ^ ^