EWI USB, Electronic Wind Instrument from Akai in the EWI series.

sgenevay 02/11/2013

Akai EWI USB : sgenevay's user review

«  A "must have" in music programming »

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I've had about 10 months.
No difficulty when out of the box. quickly recognized as a midi controller.
the module from its base (GARITAN aria) is absolutely realistic but definitely not all.
on the other hand, coupled with sound banks Sample Modeling (sounds studied for windcontrolers) and a good reverb (Altiverb), then the result is more than impressive.
Not knowing necessarily play a wind instrument (clarinet and saxophone) I chose EWI fingering Standart (one of the different fingerings offered by EWI) behaves roughly speaking as a single flute fingering. Therefore no difficulty in handling except perhaps managing to integrate octave but it is also quite fast.
Once the presentations ... we quickly realized that we are able to program with the EWI breath controller and things infeasible to the modulation wheel. touch or programing will never replace the instinct that you put in a breath.
In any case my settings (orchestral) reached a much higher level of realism that I did before with this (low) investment.
It is clear that there will be more sophisticated devices such as EWI4000 which has additional functions ... but for a simple composition in the studio, the EWI USB is perfect
Bought in a shop on Ebay for much less American than Europe.