Akai EWI4000S
Akai EWI4000S

EWI4000S, Electronic Wind Instrument from Akai in the EWI series.

thy31 12/21/2008

Akai EWI4000S : thy31's user review


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I bought this 1 month.

The negative Poins:
- The bill had a chlorine aftertaste. During the first use, a random white noise in the headphones (not in the output amplifier) ​​that seems to disappear over time. Oxidation of keys from the first use probably due to the low current carried by the sensitive keys. I tried to get the antioxidant cloth I use on my sax silver, but traces reappear.

- Not able to display the version. Can not use the software provided with ... error dialog, though the MIDI interface works in two directions.
- Support (stand) for EWI nonexistent. Compelled to tinker with it one.
- It takes a certain period of adjustment with the octave key.

On the plus side ... I could copy / paste of the previous opinion.

Currently, there are only the electronic wind instrument.

No it is not given, but given the options, its price is justified.

I would definitely do it again this election.